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We often ask children what they want to be when they grow up. When I look back at things I enjoyed in my younger years, the signs were all pointing and leading me to Dazzle Interior Design Firm. I come from entrepreneurial parents, so that spirit was alive in my home my whole life. I was blessed to see and learn about business from watching and eventually participating in the business my parents built and grew. That is only part of what I love though, the design signs showed up in the shows I watched, like Extreme Home Makeover with Ty Pennington, the games I played, such as an architectural program my dad had on his computer at just 5 years old, and the opportunities I was presented with when my parents built a home in Maryland and I was able to put together a space that was mine. I loved picking the colors, furniture, and every small detail that when brought all together, made my room a safe haven and reflection of me. It might have also been a sign when I re did my bedroom every other week with a new “theme”. It wasn’t until My mom had said something to me, she said, “you’re really good at this Kristina you should do something with it” That got the wheels turning.

16 Year old me re doing my bedroom for the 57th time.

I got married very young I was 20 years old. We had our first daughter when I was 22 and our second the day before I turned 25. I focused on being a mom and wife and that was a beautiful chapter. I loved being a mom. I was young when I was remodeling homes. I remember being very pregnant power washing the driveway of a home by myself in Florida 100-degree heat before we put our remodel on the market. Not long after I started a business with a friend staging and decorating homes for resale. It was during that time I realized I wanted to shift my focus to designing homes that people were already occupying to make their already obtained personal space exactly what they need and want it to be. So, I went back to school for Interior Design. I homeschooled and tended to my children during the day and went to school myself in the evenings.

Our Family Christmas in Asheville, NC.

Around the time of my Graduation, I became a single mother. Once I got past the initial shock, I realized how much I needed to figure things out and quickly, not just for my sake but for my children. My once hobby now repositioned itself as the sole income for me, my two sweet babies, and all my four children (3 dogs and a cat). It was scary to say the least, but I jumped right in, and Dazzle took off. I worked day and night by myself making the website and advertising and hoping people would give me the chance to show them what I could do.

I soon became so busy I needed help, so I asked my best friend Katelin to come on board with me. She was always passionate about design it was something we really bonded over. She started crying and said YES! Not long after I realized I was so busy with design and so was she that I needed someone to handle the office work and the ordering. Katelin said My best friend Laura would be perfect! Laure and Katelin grew up together and I had met her a few times. She was always nice, so I gave her a call. She agreed and was a perfect match! We all became very close and working with my best friends was a dream! We were the power team!

Time passed and I am continuing to build a thriving business while working with my best friends, we have even added one more to the mix, my childhood best friend Amber joined Dazzle recently. As I continue to grow Dazzle, homeschool my girls, and navigate this life of single motherhood I can’t help but wake up every day so thankful I get to do what I love with those I love.



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