Unleash the Power of Design with Dazzle


If you are looking for a design experience, you have come to the right place. Welcome to Dazzle Interior Design Firm. Serving Palm Beach, Stuart, Jupiter, Delray Beach, Wellington, Parkland, & more of the beautiful state of Florida for the past 10 years. We truly love our clients and enjoy what we do. We deliver one of a kind designs based off of your needs for your space so it can be more then beautiful but functional. From the initial design consultation to the final big reveal we work closely with our clients to ensure that your unique style shines through.


Creativity is the spark that ignites our innovation and drives us to push the boundaries of possibility. Each project we undertake is an opportunity to unleash our imagination and craft something truly extraordinary and one of a kind. From concept to execution, we dare to think differently and defy expectations. We believe in the transformative power of creativity to inspire, to captivate, and to evoke emotion. With every stroke of our pens and click of our keyboards, we strive to weave charm and enchantment, leaving a trail of magic in our wake.


But it’s not just about aesthetics – it’s about creating homes that stand the test of time. Our owner and lead designer Kristina Young was originally born in Baltimore Maryland. Coming from the north she grew up around homes that were passed down from generation to generation and were built to tell a story and hold memories. She created Dazzle Interior Design Firm to bring that timeless design to Florida and beyond. That’s why we pay meticulous attention to every aspect of the design process, ensuring that no detail goes unnoticed the hinge on a door is just as important to us as the door itself.

Whether you know exactly what you want or you are not sure where to begin, we are here to help! Our passion for design can be felt when you meet us as we try to be as personable as possible. This is not just a job to us we are people who love on our community through our one of a kind designs.