Interior Design is the process of bringing life to a space. Here at Dazzle we do things a little differently then most design companies. We charge a flat rate for our design fee and you pay for your furnishings and decor separately. We do this so you are in more control of your budget. We do not charge by the hour because we like to take our time on your home and we do not want to be limited. Once you decide you want to work with us we send you a survey this helps us to get to know you and the style. If your not sure of your style here are some examples that may help. After the survey we will start the design process and as we choose each piece we will add it to your room board. Each room in your project will have its own room board where we post each product we think would go with the style we are aiming for, under each picture it will say accept or decline. Then you will go over each product to see if you like the style and the price if not we can swap it out. Once you have accepted everything we will send you an invoice for it and get it ordered asap. Once furniture has arrived we will install and assemble everything and bring our ideas to life!