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The Difference Between Boho and Bohemian Design

In the vibrant world of interior design, terms like “bohemian” and “boho” often float around, used interchangeably to describe an eclectic and free-spirited style. However, as we dive deeper into the realm of design aesthetics, it becomes apparent that while these terms share similarities, they also carry subtle distinctions. Let’s unravel the tapestry and decode the difference between bohemian and boho design, shedding light on how they are frequently used interchangeably but hold nuanced meanings.

  1. Bohemian Design:
    • Rooted in Culture: Bohemian design draws inspiration from diverse cultures around the world. It embraces a global, nomadic spirit, incorporating elements from various ethnicities, patterns, and textures.
    • Layered and Rich: The bohemian aesthetic is characterized by a rich layering of textiles, vibrant colors, and a mix of patterns. It thrives on the idea of a well-traveled, collected space that tells a story.
    • Artistic Expression: Bohemian design encourages artistic expression, allowing for a diverse range of art, handmade items, and unique decor pieces. It’s about celebrating individuality and creativity.
  2. Boho Design:
    • Modern Bohemian: The term “boho” is often used as a shorthand for modern bohemian or boho-chic design. It takes the essence of bohemian style and infuses it with a modern, contemporary touch.
    • Simplified Aesthetic: Boho design tends to be a more simplified and refined version of bohemian, featuring a curated selection of eclectic elements rather than an abundance of layers.
    • Casual and Comfortable: Modern boho design often leans towards a more casual and comfortable atmosphere. It embraces a relaxed vibe with a mix of vintage and contemporary furnishings.
  3. Interchangeable Usage:
    • While these distinctions exist, it’s important to note that in common usage, “bohemian” and “boho” are often used interchangeably. Both terms capture the essence of an eclectic, free-spirited design style that celebrates individuality and creativity.
  4. Guiding Principles:
    • Whether you lean towards the more globally inspired, layered aesthetic of bohemian design or the contemporary, simplified vibe of boho design, both styles share guiding principles of self-expression, uniqueness, and a celebration of diverse influences.


In the world of interior design, the terms “bohemian” and “boho” weave a tapestry of creativity and individuality. While distinctions exist, the interchangeable use of these terms reflects the fluid and evolving nature of design trends. Whether you resonate with the globally inspired richness of bohemian design or the modern, curated simplicity of boho design, both styles offer a canvas for expressing your unique aesthetic journey. Ultimately, the beauty lies in the freedom to blend, interpret, and create a space that feels authentically yours.

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