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Top 5 favorite paint colors!

Top 5 Favorite Paint Colors of 2023

  • Rustic Taupe by Behr N200-4

This color is not as bold as the others you might notice but I love this for main neutral spaces. It’s not cold and sterile in the white family but it also isn’t giving off 90’s beige yellow tones. It’s warm and perfect for a full room or alcove. Style this creamy color with a pop of color like fuchsia or keep it neutral with beige, whites, and gold. I like that this color makes a space feel warm and welcoming. This paint can be used with most styles making it perfect if you’re anything like me and you switch out your décor often ha-ha.

  • Soul Search by Behr T18-14

This gorgeous blue color is bold and moody just the way I like it! You could make a huge statement by painting an entire bedroom or dining room including the trim with this color. You could also put this on one accent wall to make it a focal point in the room. This color goes beautifully with dark wood and gold accents. This color is fun and says, “I’m not following trends I’m setting them”.

  • Iron Ore by SW 7069

This is one of my favorites because my favorite color is black! This color is not too loud of a black. It doesn’t make you feel like you are entering a black hole ha-ha. This color is really tasteful and perfect for 4 walls in a larger space with draperies that have a bold print! This color also can be used as an accent painted inside a coffered ceiling, this draws your eyes up where in the middle you can have a beautiful statement chandelier. Black can be risky but when done in the right way it can turn a space from basic to luxurious.

  • Laurel Woods by SW 7749

This color is everything. It’s earthy and bold but not in your face. This color can be used as an accent wall or I would love to see it used on cabinets. The Greens are making a HUGE comeback and I’m thrilled about it. Green brings an organic lively feel to space. This is not a green you can get tired of easily which I appreciate. A color I like to accent green with is yellow but not just any kind of yellow like a burnt mustard yellow. Mix that with some wood tones and bring your space to life!

  • Spiced Wine by Behr PPU1-13

Last color but certainly not least. This color is a whole vibe! Perfect for a bedroom to give the sexy vibe or for an office to show who’s boss. This color is not meant to be all over your house but it is great for a small bathroom, accent walls, a coffered ceiling in a dining room, or for an office space. I would dress this color up with some black and gold accents to bring the sexy all the way out of this color! God big or go home am I right?

Finding the right paint colors for your home can be really hard! If your having trouble designing your space schedule an appointment with us below !