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Top 3 Ways to Make Your Small Kitchen Feel Larger.

When your in a situation where you have a small kitchen you might think you need to knock down walls and expand for your kitchen to be larger and more efficient but that is not the case. Sometimes enlarging the kitchen’s square footage is not an option, but there is many other ways you can make your kitchen feel and function better.

1. Light Colors For Small Kitchens

Lighten up your kitchen as much as possible. This includes the cabinets, counters, and backsplash area. Stay away from dark wood tones or dark colors as this will naturally make the space feel closed in and small. Try white, this is normally the best bet in a small kitchen this will help it to feel more light and open. Depending on the style your going for high-gloss cabinets are also a nice option because this material reflects the light, brightening up the space substantially.

2. Carry Cabinets to the Ceiling.

To give your kitchen a grand feel without having to change the layout, carry your cabinets all the way to the ceiling. Sometimes this means doing a second row of cabinetry and that is okay. This will draw your eye up creating a very impressive look in a not so impressive space. You not only gain more storage this way but also generate the look and feel of a large kitchen. See more of this beautiful renovation on the left here.

3. Always Keep Counters Clear in Small Kitchens.

There are so many options now in cabinetry to help make sure the counters stay clear. When you have a small amount of counter space the last thing you want to do is crowd the space with coffee makers, mixers, blenders, etc. Put as much away as you can to keep your kitchen feeling nice and open. My personal favorite company we use for organization when we renovate kitchens is Rev-A-Shelf. They offer so many solutions to keep everything in order. Not only does this help the look but the functionality of your kitchen. No more junk drawers or shoving things where they don’t belong with Rev- A- Shelf you can stay organized and keep your kitchen sleek and clean.

Kristina Young