Staging recreates a space and also helps buyers to see themselves in the home and where there furniture can fit. Staging can make a home that is years out of date look brand new without any remodeling. It is cheaper to stage your property then to remodel.We specialize in analyzing the buyer demographic and real estate market for the homes we stage . We have many years experience in real-estate.We know from much experience what buyers are looking for when they see a property and what they don’t want to see. Let us use our knowledge to help you get top dollar for your home!

Staging is FREE

You did not misread that. Staging is free! Research shows that those who stage their homes earn up to 10% more on the sale of their home then those who did not stage their property! So you end up getting back the money you spend on staging and more. This is the smart decision. South Florida is a competitive market you need something to make them say WOW, something to make them remember yours above rest of the homes they had seen.