Contemporary is a design with clean lines. It does not usually include color. This is organized and clean very minimal not a lot of clutter or knickknacks. This style works really well if a clean organized space brings you joy.

This is an updated farmhouse approach. This includes the organic colors and textures of brown wood and exposed metal. There are many natural features to the modern farmhouse design that helps it mix between traditional country and modern industrial with the black metal and brown leathers. This style is right for you if you like that updated country feel.

Hollywood Glam is a classy bold design. This design usually includes some velvet textures and animal prints. This design is not subtle it is very dramatic. This style is right for you if you like to be bold and make a statement if you want your home or a room to stand out among the others. This style also works well in theatre areas.

Transitional is a style that is very appealing to the eye for most. It has a very relaxing feel to it. It does not usually include bright colors or bold patterns. The textures patterns and colors are subtle but when put together give a very cohesive feel. This style is perfect for you if you love that feeling of walking into a model home your not sure the style but it works and makes you happy.

Coastal gives a beachy vibe usually includes blues teals and greens with sometimes a pop or coral color. This can also include alot of white or rattan. This style works very well for summer homes or homes close to the water !

Glam is all about making a statement while being very comfy. This is usually mixed with golds and fur textures. This design usually has a lot of bling whether it be in the chandelier or lamps. This style usually appeals to women who like the glitzy feel.

This style is very organic. You will usually see a lot of light browns and oak woods mixed with white. This design does not have bold prints or any pops of color. You usually have some greenery included as well. This is an up and coming trend. This style is for you if you like the relaxing but minimal look.

Traditional style includes usually dark or cherry woods. There is usually a lot of detail in the woods. You wont see a lot of straight clean lines but many curves and rounder shapes. The colors usually lean towards the browns and golds maybe some gray. This also can include wrought iron design in furnishings or stair cases. This is your style if you love the woods and the warm tones.

This design people usually love it or hate it. It includes a mix of everything. You will see several different colors some bright some not. You will see lots of different textures. This is a very custom style. This is for you if you like a little bit of everything all together at once, if your a non- conformist who goes to the beat of their own drum.

This style usually happens a lot in city lofts. Its includes a lot of exposed material like pipes and ductwork. You will see brick and concrete . This has a lot of street art and natural fabrics like leather. You will see a lot of Edison bulbs. This style is for you if you enjoy city vibes with an artistic twist.

This design is full of navy blues and white. You will see a lot of boat references or ocean references in the art and detail of it. There will be a lot of natural rope also. This is the style for you if you love boating or if your a captain!

Boho always gives off the hippy vibe. Its a very laid back design with some pops of color. You will usually see some or a lot of macramé and mandala print. Sometimes it will give off a Moroccan vibe. You will see a lot of natural fibers. If you are a free spirit who is creative and free thinking this is for you !