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Let there be light!

Vitamin D deficiency is a real issue in the USA we don’t spend enough time outside. Ever Floridians are still deficient on Vitamin D. It has been proven sunlight has a HUGE impact on your mental health. Look at the depression rates in places like Seattle that gets mostly rain it is a whopping 48% of people that struggle with depression. Luckily that rate does go down in Florida to 32% which is still terrible. Long story short we need as much natural light as possible so living in a dark home should never be the case!

You don’t need a glass house to get lots of natural light. There are tips and tricks to help very dark homes carry appear lighter. Here are 5 ways to spread light throughout your home!

  1. Mirrors!

This one might be obvious to some but you don’t have to have walls of mirrors even a small mirror facing the direction of where the light comes in reflects it to the other spaces. Take a look at this picture. We placed the arched mirrors across from the sliding doors. The light only comes in so far through the slider but by adding these across from the slider it doubles the amount of light in this space. There are alot of options for mirrors besides a standard one. You can have mirrored tile, mirrored furniture , decorative shaped mirrors and more! They will all do the job!

2. Light Colored Fabric.

Having lighter natural colors like white, beige, and taupe can help a space to feel brighter. It does not absorb the light it carries it. If you have a small space that does not get a lot of natural light do not use dark fabric as it will absorb the little bit of light that is there. For example a dark bedroom you can lighten with white or light colored sheers and a light colored bedding like the one below!

3. Chrome

A lot of bathrooms are are not built with windows. You notice this more in older homes but it is also common now in powder rooms. You actually are not required to put a window in a bathroom if the bathroom has a light source ( vanity light) and an exhaust fan. If your not one of those people who like a dark moody bathroom then try using chrome as your choice of metal finish in the bathroom. Chrome naturally reflects which will make the space feel brighter because even where there feels like no light there is some light and it will reflect it even when we cant see it!

4. Light color paint in eggshell finish.

Now I’m not saying everything needs to be white. Im someone who loved bold not boring but lighter colored paint does wonders for light. Remember the 90’s early 2000’s when everyone’s home had some weird shade of yellowy beige? Yes not saying do that. Actually pleassssse dont. Paint is all about balance. If you go to white it can feel very cold and sterile. Some like this for very modern designs but for those looking to feel warmth and “homey” feel bright white is not for you. You can carry the light while still having warmth with these colors from Sherwin Williams.

5. Clean windows.

It seems obvious BUT sometimes your so used to those spider webs and dust that you don’t really notice it anymore. Especially when you live near the beach and you have the salt air this leaves a haze on your windows if not cleaned on a regular basis. You may be able to see out but you wouldn’t believe how just that little bit of smears and dirt blocks your light from coming in!

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