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Wallpaper is Back!

Wallpaper Is Back

There are many styles and fads that come and go, and not just in the fashion world but the interior design world as well. Some make a reappearance years later, some are timeless, and others fade so far away we almost forget they ever existed.

Take a moment to think about the decorations, colors, or styles you remember seeing in what appeared to be every place you visited when you were younger.  For me, one of the most prominent things I remember was pink. It was in kitchens, bathrooms, and much more but of course, not just in paint form. Sometimes it was pink tile, other times it was pink decorations, you may even see a pink couch with giant floral features. However, pink is not as popular as it once was and it hasn’t resurged as a popular go-to color of the year for the majority in some time.

Another popular piece in my younger years was wallpaper. It seemed like everyone loved putting wallpaper up and dreaded taking it down. You better have loved the design and plan on loving it forever because nobody wanted to be bothered with the hassle and process of removing wallpaper.  Lets also not forget to discuss the limited design options during that time! Almost all of it had some kind of floral motif or random pictorial scenes. I can guarantee the majority of folks in the interior design world would not have believed that wallpaper would resurge, years later, bigger and better than before. But here we are now, reclaiming wallpaper, using it for its original purpose, along with new and improved ways to jazz up areas.

So without further or do let’s get into the 5 Hottest Wallpapers, that you can find right in the Dazzle Shop!

1. Graffito Onyx/Beige

Graffito is better known as graffiti in the States but in Italian is the singular word for graffiti and its original meaning was “little scratch”. This wallpaper has a beautiful, onyx background with abstract graphics in beige to almost resemble little scratches, staying true to the nature of its name. Although it is definitely a bolder choice when it comes to wallpaper, it absolutely brings the element of fun just as proudly. So if you’re looking to upgrade your family room or entry space with a wallcovering, this bold and maybe even a little risky paper can be found below!

2. Kravet Design

While the name isn’t click bait, the wallpaper behind it is totally worth it! If you see yourself as someone who likes the finer things in life and want your space to reflect that, this floral design within subtle tear drop shapes in contrast shades of beige may be for you. It gives an ode to original designs of wallpaper with a modernized twist and updated, elegant touches. Update your dining room with this wallpaper today:

3.Kravet Design W36

Your bedroom should be your sacred space; an oasis of peace and the design should attribute to that. If your space is not reflecting pure serenity to give you the breather from the world you need, this wallpaper may be able to help with that. The interwoven green and white tones in a fanned geometric shape, combined with lines forming a variety of other shapes within, brings a delightful, zen feeling. Let this wallcovering be the upgrade you deserve:

4. Mahonia Midday

This fun and whimsical wallpaper would be a charming addition to a small bathroom or an accent wall. The floral design is a tribute to farmers and gardeners in the Pacific Northwest, making this wallcovering more than just a wallpaper, but a piece of art. If you’re looking to have a combination of floral and fun this is the wallcovering for you:

5. Painterly Indigo

Charming meets vintage with this wallcovering. The indigo, linen background is decorated with dotted white and grey medallions. It brings the fun and the sophisticated all-in-one. It helps draw the eyes upward, elongating the space it is presented in, when displayed vertically. This wallpaper could dress up a variety of areas but especially an accent wall in a dining room. Decide for yourself at

While these are the ones we choose for the top 5 hottest wallpapers, we have so many to choose from it was difficult to narrow it down to so few. If none of these are speaking to you, I guarantee there are other ones in our Dazzle Shop that will be exactly what you are looking for to update your space.